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I never had my ears pierced as a child, and for the last several years I’ve been talking about wanting to get them pierced, but never had the guts to actually go do it. So today, I finally gathered the courage (after researching a good place), and now have pretty shiny metal in my ears!! And it hardly even hurt. I am super excited!!

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I’m up too late and was feeling super distressed/anxious, but then I finally looked up a local piercing parlor with a good reputation that I’ve been wanting to look up. I have NO piercings at all, and just want my earlobes pierced, but I’ve worried a lot about sterilization and stuff. But looking this place up really made me feel a lot better: no piercing guns, trained piercers, regularly tested autoclaves… Basically everything I wanted to see!

So now at east I’m feeling pretty good about that, and wanting to go get my ears pierced soon… :)

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